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Fabulously designed with a state of the art sound and lighting system, Climax reaches a new level of chic. It is hard not to feel like a celebrity when you find yourself in a room full of sexy white beds with flowing sheer curtains, and a fish tank full of pulsating exotic jelly fish. So, come hang out and have a few drinks by the bar, or have the ultimate VIP night and reserve bed for you and your friends. Whatever you choose to do…do it at Climax!

Climax gives diners a new reason to stay in bed! This sexy, bi-level “dining boudoir” features beds (and tables) that scream comfort and relaxation, but with an added luxury: upscale dining by top toque David Coleman, formerly of Union Pacific.


Climax is the brainchild of owner Sabina Belkin, a passionate young restaurateur and nightlife impresario. Designed by Andres Escobar (Cartier Boutique and Guess? store in Toronto) and Edward Belkin, Climax features 30 customized “dining beds,” soft satin banquettes, frosted glass bars and seven intimate “bedrooms” that are available for the sexiest, most-talked about private parties.


The main dining room houses 30 custom beds—each of which is larger than a standard king size—overflow with soft, Italian-imported goose-down pillows in beige and gold that sit atop the crisp white 400-count sheets. Each bed is custom designed with French fabric and with a special foam mattress that molds to each person’s body as they recline into surprising dining comfort. Silky curtains frame the beds and discreetly placed drawers are available to stash shoes and purses. Customized slippers are also offered to guests. A large, frosted-glass “donut” tray resides in the center of the bed to support cocktails and water glasses with space for bottles of wine and champagne in the center. Rectangular trays can be used as place mats for extra dining comfort. For those who wish to watch the action from afar and dine in traditional fashion, the dining room offers banquette seating for up to 50 people. In true “home” style, Climax boasts an 84-inch flat-screen plasma television and semi-circular stage that is available for after-hours entertainment.

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